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what is the best reseller hosting available at the best price?

Chosen Answer: That site provides a listing of the best web hosts in the business. I’d recommend Bluehost or Startlogic. by: nolyad69 on: 10th October 07

What to do to start a webhosting business (through a reseller program) and be able to sell .ca domain names?

I live in Canada (in Quebec) and I am interested in starting a web-hosting business through a reseller company located in the USA (hostdepartment). How do I do that? And how can I be able to sell .ca domain names? What steps to follow? Chosen Answer: The best routes to take are to research the […]

How Reseller hosting works?

If i’m going to buy a reseller package with 10 gig of disk space with unlimited domains hosted, does that mean that my clients can only share 10 gig of space? Chosen Answer: Yes. by: Happuch on: 28th October 09

How hosting providers are selling us services?

I was just wondering how can I make my own hosting & domains provider service. What I have to do to run businesses like that? Chosen Answer: Not very hard apparently. Just need to get a reseller hosting. Read Good luck. by: Hosting Hunter on: 23rd February 09

what is cost of domain registration for website?

Hi..I am planning to make website in PHP or wordpress…Look I am not much sure about the cost of Domain Registration purchase and cost of hosting for minimum 2yrs(please tell me the lowest cost)..please try to give me the rates and costs for that?? Chosen Answer: There’s only 2 hosts really worth looking at: Here’s […]

What is the cheapest and best hosting reseller?

where I can host UNLIMETED addon domains (that means create a folder for each of them with independent FTP access and e-mail addresses). Please do not refer me to Hosting Directories or comparison guides. I just want the address of the site. Thank you. Chosen Answer: I like for reseller hosting. If you use […]

Where can I get unlimited reseller hosting for my website?

I am looking to start a web host and I need unlimited reseller hosting. Does anybody know of a good reputable company that offers unlimited reseller hosting? Chosen Answer: I would check out – they have really reliable hosting and amazing uptime, as well as a kind and helpful staff team. Plus, they give […]

Is there any site that sells reseller hosting that comes with a website for customer to buy hosting?

I would like to get reseller hosting but i want one that will come with a website that is already fully functional so my customers can buy a hosting package and it sets it up for the instantly. Chosen Answer: by: on: 1st January 70