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Web Host Reseller Business?

I was wondering about how to start up my own web host reseller site. What kind of packages should I offer? Should it be set amounts, or price per megabyte/gigabyte? How much should I be charging for my services? What sites would you recommend for buying one of these packages? I’m looking at making at […]

which are the best web hosting services ?

Chosen Answer: Here are list of the best web hosting services InMotion Hosting – Best Business Host View InMotion’s review here Hostgator – Best Reseller Host View HostGator’s review here Yahoo Merchant Solutions – Best e-Commerce Host iPage – Best Cheap Host You can check the details by visiting this link Almost […]

Looking for online document storage host.?

Hello, Does any one know of any hosting services that offer online storage space for word documents allowing users to download them from any location? The library needs to be password protected so that only authorised users can download them. Thanks Chosen Answer: This site provide provide good result for hosting services I made […]

Will Time Warner allow you to have your own server?

A friend of mine is a website designer and I am a writer. We are thinking of starting a website design/ ad agency. One of the services we are thinking of offering is website hosting. My friend has Time Warner for internet access. Will they allow you use your own server for web hosting and […]

What are reseller hosting packages used for?

I’m looking into the different plans, but I’m not quite clear on resell hosting space packages. Do web development businesses have reseller hosting plans so that they can design websites for their clients and sell it back to them? How could you use a reseller hosting plan? Please help! Chosen Answer: Reseller hosting package is […]

Is Hotchilli Communications Broadband any good?

I have Hotchilli as my provider at the moment, but is it a good one? I have unlimited download and it costs £15 monthly. Can it be bettered? Chosen Answer: Its Great… Read Below about some information: Hotchilli Communications – is a provider of Internet and Telecom services based in the UK and is one […]

where can i find the cheapest 5000 gigabyte reseller hosting services?

Chosen Answer: try google, do ur own research by: focused90 on: 18th May 06