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VPS for small web hosting company???

I am wanting to start a small web hosting company, and want my expenses to be minimized as much as possible. Is VPS the right choice or any other ideas? Thanks. Chosen Answer: Become a reseller for a reliable hosting company, such as GoDaddy. by: Doug V on: 28th March 08

Cheap reliable web host?

I am opening a new business and want a cheap but reliable web host, preferably in the UK or UK prices. Thanks Chosen Answer: It is good to have a local hosting to host your site because the support would be easier. However, most UK hosts are not the cheapest and reliable hosts around. If [...]

good reliable uk reseller host?

Hi, Can anyone recommend a good, reliable uk reseller web host? Chosen Answer: Hi, I can fully recommend Hostgator Web Hosting. I have used Hostgator as my web host for over two years now and have been very very impressed with them. Firstly they’re very cheap but still give me more web hosting space and [...]

Can I know one of the affordable web hosting company in India.?

I’m looking for to develop a website. I need a reliable web hosting with a good customer care in India. Chosen Answer: It depends up on what are the hosting packages you would like to take up. I know about one hosting company based in Bangalore Neera Software Technologies Customer support is superb! I [...]

Now Finding the cheap and reliable web hosting ? How can Choosing?

Now I Finding the cheap and reliable web hosting for my photo site? I read some reviews on the And find the micfo are good. Can any one use their web hosting? How about the yahoo web hosting? can any give me more suggestions? Chosen Answer: I would’t go for a web hosting [...]

reseller web hosting vs cloud hosting?

What are the differences between reseller hosting vs cloud hosting ? Chosen Answer: Cloud hosting is the practice of running Web applications in a “cloud” — a collection of external, virtual servers that are interconnected, either on a corporate network or via the public Internet. The idea behind cloud hosting is to give customers a [...]

which is the best reseller Web hosting company? please give reason?

which is the best reseller Web hosting company? please give reason Chosen Answer: You can get the Best Reseller Web Hosting Plans at here Because i own two websites.I got the Reseller Hosting plans at low cost there,,,,,,,,so that i hosted my sites by own at reliable cost…also managing them is very easy. by: [...]