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Which is the best web hosting company?

Chosen Answer: Check out the recommended web hosts at — these are established companies who offer quality hosting at affordable prices. For your purposes, you should get a shared hosting (“regular” hosting) plan. The others are more expensive, and it looks like you don’t really need their extensive features. By the way, a reseller […]

is there a free web hosting where i get a public ip address?

what i mean is that, i don’t have to pay anything, but i get a public ip address?? public ip in the sense that i can type the IP address on the address bar, and still it will go to my website?? thanks.. i dont want this IP addresses, or or Chosen […]

Should i go with inmotion for web hosting?

its pretty cheap, i was wondering if that might mean it is unreliable Chosen Answer: No, just because a host is cheap doesn’t mean they lack reliability. Sometimes this is the case, but not all the time. Check out reviews and the features. Examples, I go through a host whose really cheap but their server […]

how to start my own web hosting and domain selling buisness?

how can i start a domain selling and web hosting buisness like this from home. do i have to buy domains to be able to sell them and how do i get a license to sell domains…and the most important thing if i start my own web hosting buisness how many servers would i need…etc […]

How can i become a reseller?

I am planning to resell a web hosting service.Can anyone give me some good advice? what are the possibilities to succes and how can I market my product? Chosen Answer: If you havn’t already take a look at they offer a really good reseller package and info. by: kevin s on: 9th July 08

what is cost of domain registration for website?

Hi..I am planning to make website in PHP or wordpress…Look I am not much sure about the cost of Domain Registration purchase and cost of hosting for minimum 2yrs(please tell me the lowest cost)..please try to give me the rates and costs for that?? Chosen Answer: There’s only 2 hosts really worth looking at: Here’s […]

How can I host domains without having to use a reseller plan?

yaaaaa Reseller plan from a different company. Chosen Answer: As an experienced webmaster I recommend BlueHost service which I’m sure it would work for you and fulfill all your requirements. They have a really great offer for hosting & I have used them for over 3 yrs now, and have never had a single problem […]

I am looking to become a domain name\web hosting reseller, which is the cheapest?

I am looking to become a domain name\web hosting reseller, which plan is the cheapest? Would you think ‘Resellers would be good? Chosen Answer: Hey, I came across a host called as cheap as a month! They are really nice as well with great support and high end servers. They also have coupons […]