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Web Host Reseller Business?

I was wondering about how to start up my own web host reseller site. What kind of packages should I offer? Should it be set amounts, or price per megabyte/gigabyte? How much should I be charging for my services? What sites would you recommend for buying one of these packages? I’m looking at making at […]

What’s a good web host provider?

My budget is a month. I saw some good .95 ones but I never heard of the companies. Chosen Answer: If you are having problem choosing a good web hosting to use, I suggest you do the following: 1. Go to the webhost review sites such as webhostingjury, or webhostinggeeks and list down about […]

Web hosting business?

My mother ranted to me today how she’s sick of finding a job and her profession that she wants to be able to run a small business at home. I told her that I’ve been thinking about running a web hosting company- something that I’ve been researching for, for more than a month now. I […]

I have a blog site that is getting 1000+ hits per day (unique). Is it worth it to switch to a hosted website?

I’m currently with so I can’t advertise, but if the traffic keeps up, I’m wondering if it’s worth the a month or so to switch. I plan on monitoring the traffic for a few more weeks to see if it keeps up, but if it does, I think I could sell ad space since […]

Web Hosting And Domain?

Heyy. i wanted to know if there is a cheap website to host a domain on, that is legit, and does not require a credit card…that will just bill me? Chosen Answer: Here is a reliable web host which costs 3.95 / month. Reseller, VPS, and dedicated hosting are offered. Find out more: by: […]

cheapest reseller hosting?

Chosen Answer: I found one for only 7 dollars a month when all the others are about 40 by: wtstephens4 on: 18th February 09

What you will do if you have a server at ISP to make more money out of it ?

I wonder what other people think, if you own a server, Linux-based server, co-located at ISP. Besides cheap web hosting, I don’t know what should I do to more make money out of it. I just use, normally 10% of the server resource and several megabytes per day bandwidth, and need to pay several hundreds […]

Now Finding the cheap and reliable web hosting ? How can Choosing?

Now I Finding the cheap and reliable web hosting for my photo site? I read some reviews on the And find the micfo are good. Can any one use their web hosting? How about the yahoo web hosting? can any give me more suggestions? Chosen Answer: I would’t go for a web hosting […]

Why is hostgator competing with their clients?

HostGator is advertising web hosting from .01 per month for normal users with unlimited data and bandwidth and it sells its reseller accounts at .00 per month with limited bandwidth and data. This obviously make it hard for resellers to sell their hosting when companies can do it directly for much cheaper Chosen Answer: Companies […]