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Is it worth to become a host/reseller, and I only have 3 websites?

what are the benefits? who can you recommend for people like me to sign up with? how do you rate their customer services? Chosen Answer: Excellent customer service, 24 hour, round the clock tech support with a toll-free number, and the lowest prices in the industry. by: Greg R on: 28th November 07

What to do to start a webhosting business (through a reseller program) and be able to sell .ca domain names?

I live in Canada (in Quebec) and I am interested in starting a web-hosting business through a reseller company located in the USA (hostdepartment). How do I do that? And how can I be able to sell .ca domain names? What steps to follow? Chosen Answer: The best routes to take are to research the […]

CentrioHost is a good web hosting provider… Did you get it yet?

I have host with CentrioHost since for a long period of time, and found it very helpful for business. Their reseller hosting is also provide good platform under the cloud… Does any one use their service so far yet? Chosen Answer: I didn’t try it yet. For reseller hosting, you can try Hostgator. You can […]

Is reseller web hosting a good revenue generating business?

How many clients do i need to make atleast k per month. Chosen Answer: This is probably not a good idea (at all) unless you already have a client-base of people looking for web hosting services or you somehow cater to the industry (and have a reputation). Check out the pricing on eBay for web […]

what benefits about Alpha Reseller Hosting about this company

i check this company yesterday can you tell me about some this package benefits alpha reseller hosting and this company is useful for me please give me suggest soon as soon possible. Chosen Answer: I didn’t yet tried However, I had an experienced with other reseller hosting company like Godaddy and Hostgator. Hostgator […]

Are there any good Reseller Hosting India companies in Mumbai?

My friend wants to start a Business in the Web hosting Industry. can someone help me with names of Good Reseller Companies in Mumbai ? Chosen Answer: Yes definitely. try CreedHost India. they are one of the best resellers and they are affordable. visit by: on: 25th October 11