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which are the best web hosting services ?

Chosen Answer: Here are list of the best web hosting services InMotion Hosting – Best Business Host View InMotion’s review here Hostgator – Best Reseller Host View HostGator’s review here Yahoo Merchant Solutions – Best e-Commerce Host iPage – Best Cheap Host You can check the details by visiting this link Almost [...]

How do you begin a web hosting business?

I need help. How can I get started with this? Chosen Answer: Here are information and articles on how to start a web hosting business’s Starting a Web Hosting Business Becoming a Web Host Company’s Starting a Web Hosting Business Another way of course is to simply become a reseller [...]

Which is the best web hosting company?

Chosen Answer: Check out the recommended web hosts at — these are established companies who offer quality hosting at affordable prices. For your purposes, you should get a shared hosting (“regular” hosting) plan. The others are more expensive, and it looks like you don’t really need their extensive features. By the way, a reseller [...]

hey anyone here who is a namecheap or host-gator reseller?

anyone here who is a namecheap or host-gator reseller i want cheap hosting please give me link Chosen Answer: You can find the latest discount codes for various web hosts at: by: Robert on: 16th March 12

Is there any good reseller hosting India service provider in Mumbai City?

Chosen Answer: Yes there are many of them but the best is CreedHost as they are offering reseller plan at INR 5000/- which is a complete usable amount. visit here:- by: Vishal on: 2nd November 11

what is the best reseller hosting available at the best price?

Chosen Answer: That site provides a listing of the best web hosts in the business. I’d recommend Bluehost or Startlogic. by: nolyad69 on: 10th October 07

How to host a teenage dance for a fundraiser?

I need ideas in a big way. We are on a very minimal budget. Chosen Answer: Host Gator provides Shared, Reseller and Dedicated web hosting solutions. by: df a on: 7th April 09

How to create custom promotional codes for Godaddy?

I’m going to promote top web hosting companies at so how to create custom promotional codes for Godaddy? Chosen Answer: You can create custom promotion codes in the Reseller Control Center. Custom promo codes let you offer your customers discounts they can apply to their orders, which is a great way to promote your [...]