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which are the best web hosting services ?

Chosen Answer: Here are list of the best web hosting services InMotion Hosting – Best Business Host View InMotion’s review here Hostgator – Best Reseller Host View HostGator’s review here Yahoo Merchant Solutions – Best e-Commerce Host iPage – Best Cheap Host You can check the details by visiting this link Almost [...]

How do you begin a web hosting business?

I need help. How can I get started with this? Chosen Answer: Here are information and articles on how to start a web hosting business’s Starting a Web Hosting Business Becoming a Web Host Company’s Starting a Web Hosting Business Another way of course is to simply become a reseller [...]

which is the best web hosting service with php/mysql/apache?

which is the best web hosting service to host large traffic user based websites? and how much might it cost? Chosen Answer: Allmost all web hosts offer php/mysql/apache. However, top hosts offer more features and better supports than others ( Most smaller hosts are resellers of those top hosts). And their prices are at the [...]

hey anyone here who is a namecheap or host-gator reseller?

anyone here who is a namecheap or host-gator reseller i want cheap hosting please give me link Chosen Answer: You can find the latest discount codes for various web hosts at: by: Robert on: 16th March 12

Looking for online document storage host.?

Hello, Does any one know of any hosting services that offer online storage space for word documents allowing users to download them from any location? The library needs to be password protected so that only authorised users can download them. Thanks Chosen Answer: This site provide provide good result for hosting services I made [...]

Cheap reliable web host?

I am opening a new business and want a cheap but reliable web host, preferably in the UK or UK prices. Thanks Chosen Answer: It is good to have a local hosting to host your site because the support would be easier. However, most UK hosts are not the cheapest and reliable hosts around. If [...]

reseller programs available?

i know there is web hosting reselling but are there any others,hich is the best when it comes to income generation Chosen Answer: Hi, Only reseller hosting could generate income.. I would recommend “Host gator” for your Web Hosting because it’s cheap and very reliable.With their web hosting package, you’ll get free domain. Their support [...]

How to host a teenage dance for a fundraiser?

I need ideas in a big way. We are on a very minimal budget. Chosen Answer: Host Gator provides Shared, Reseller and Dedicated web hosting solutions. by: df a on: 7th April 09

good reliable uk reseller host?

Hi, Can anyone recommend a good, reliable uk reseller web host? Chosen Answer: Hi, I can fully recommend Hostgator Web Hosting. I have used Hostgator as my web host for over two years now and have been very very impressed with them. Firstly they’re very cheap but still give me more web hosting space and [...]