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Hi,I’d like to start a web hosting.Help?

Hi,I’d like to start a web hosting.I want to know how to do that from scratch? I’ve searched search engines,but bit confusable. I know you people can give exactly what i want. 1) I am learning it for educational pupose. I am using domain. 2) I dont want to spend money(just learning purpose) 3)should […]

is there a free web hosting where i get a public ip address?

what i mean is that, i don’t have to pay anything, but i get a public ip address?? public ip in the sense that i can type the IP address on the address bar, and still it will go to my website?? thanks.. i dont want this IP addresses, or or Chosen […]

what is the best hosting reseller website that offers customer support for resellers customers?

i want to start a hosting and domain selling website as a reseller for a bigger company. Which company offers customer support for its resellers customers? i dont want to be the one doing support for my customers. I know that godaddy is one of them, but i was wondering is there any other.thanks Chosen […]

Help with signing my own SSL certificate?

I have an option to sign my own SSL certificate with my reseller hosting provider but there are a few things its asking me for that i dont know. 1: Host to make cert for – Is this the dedicated IP address assigned for this certificate? 2: Company Division – I own a hosting company […]

Got This Reseller Hosting Now I just need sites to host?

I can Do unlimted Hosting for 99 cents per month are .95 a year. I think that is very cheap why dont i get any bites on this Chosen Answer: Honestly… it sounds too good to be true .. there’s a fine line between value and cheap … Web hosting is VERY competitive now .. […]

project proposal to start a web hosting company, that can win a bank loan?

a porject proposal for starting a web hosting company that can be presented to a bank to seek for a bank loan. Chosen Answer: You dont need a loan to start a web hosting company, just start of small, then get bigger. start reselling first – reseller accounts from £0.30 by: mousey_airways on: 3rd […]

Any Good free hosting providers .?and Cheap reseller?

i want 1gb-2gb space. Unlimited bandwidth. 99.99% uptime. Good Speed. Basicaly iwant to host wordpress so SQL service should be good. I know that these demands cant be full filled by free host but i will give a try. If there is any reseller reading this then please inform about all plans and below is […]