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Where can I get unlimited reseller hosting for my website?

I am looking to start a web host and I need unlimited reseller hosting. Does anybody know of a good reputable company that offers unlimited reseller hosting? Chosen Answer: I would check out – they have really reliable hosting and amazing uptime, as well as a kind and helpful staff team. Plus, they give […]

Do I need a business license for freelance web/graphic designer and web hosting reseller?

I’m web/graphic designer and thinking of doing business as freelance. Also I want to do web hosting reseller for my web site clients. Will I need a business license? If so where do I start? Chosen Answer: some states play with this but the technical answer is no; no internet ONLY business needs a license. […]

I am looking to become a domain name\web hosting reseller, which is the cheapest?

I am looking to become a domain name\web hosting reseller, which plan is the cheapest? Would you think ‘Resellers would be good? Chosen Answer: by: on: 1st January 70

Should I start a Delaware LLC if I am going to start a online-only web hosting reseller business?

Chosen Answer: I don’t think it is a good idea if your monthly income from the reseller business is less than ,000 a month by: on: 29th November 11

Is there any site that sells reseller hosting that comes with a website for customer to buy hosting?

I would like to get reseller hosting but i want one that will come with a website that is already fully functional so my customers can buy a hosting package and it sets it up for the instantly. Chosen Answer: by: on: 1st January 70

Are there any good Reseller Hosting India companies in Mumbai?

My friend wants to start a Business in the Web hosting Industry. can someone help me with names of Good Reseller Companies in Mumbai ? Chosen Answer: Yes definitely. try CreedHost India. they are one of the best resellers and they are affordable. visit by: on: 25th October 11

What is the difference between web hosting, reseller hosting and dedicated hosting?

Chosen Answer: web hosting means simple hosting your website. reseller hosting means reselling your web space to other end users at your own cost plus you can earn money from it and you can sell it under your own company name. dedicated hosting means buying a huge space on single server and using it for […]

What is a reseller web Hosting plan?

What is a reseller web Hosting plan? Chosen Answer: Reseller hosting means you can sell hosting to other people from your plan. Most of the companies provide this facility. by: Intelligent Baby on: 22nd November 09

Where can I get a cheap reseller web hosting?

I’m looking for cheap (.00/yr hopefully) plan that also gives you 1 free domain name. Chosen Answer: by: on: 1st January 70